Do You Know the Strangest Things Grow in the New Forest

Autumn!  Oh wow what beautiful colours there are in the New Forest in Autumn.

It was about time I went out for a drive and captured some of that colour.
Without further ado ....
 My drive takes me to Rhinefield Drive, where I haven't been for absolutely ages.

The colours are beautiful.
I had forgotten how pretty it is here.
The sun was trying to shine through and these leaves looked translucent in the light.
And maybe another day I will follow this path to see where it leads.....
Oh and the bridge where we once took one of our wedding couples.  Sadly, on that day, it was too wet and muddy for the bride to walk in her high heels. We gave the groom an umbrella to hold over his bride and took some pics nearby.  
And whilst here, I really wanted to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Rhinefield House Hotel.
Not only an amazing wedding venue but also lovely to visit.  The grounds are stunning too.
On this occasion I pulled to the side of the road and took a picture through my car window.
And on the way back another photo of the New Forest ponies.
And then to my horror ..... I just had to pull off the road because there was something I had never seen before in The New Forest....
not only once, but twice in the space of about 400yds!

Do you know the strangest things grow in the New Forest these days.
Come on folks, please take your litter home.  Why would anyone want to spoil such a beautiful place?