Where's the Off Switch - Social Networking Nightmare

Sometimes I feel I could pull my hair out!

Running a business has never been easy but does Social Networking give you nightmares?

I have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Blogging and apparently there are more!

No!  I hear myself shout, no more!  I can't sleep at night!

Did I?  Should I?  What if?  All these thoughts and more go on in my head when I wake up in the night.  I'm having a social networking nightmare!

I go to bed with all sorts of potions and relaxing aids

as well as husband I take to my bed with me:
Molton Brown Lavender Pillow Spray (not sure if you can still buy this)
Tisserant De-Stress aromatherapy roller (divine smell by the way)
Neals Yard Sleep Supplement
Natural Confetti Lavender bag 

and some relaxing quotes just to help .......

Actually, the going to sleep when I first go to bed isn't that bad, but it's when I wake up in the night ....

Take a notepad?

Actually I think I could write blog after blog in the night, so I could take a notebook to bed - ah difficult to write in the dark, husband not too impressed with me turning light on. :(

Take a book?

Love the book 'Dont Stress the Small Stuff for Women' (mine is an old copy but I think you can pick one up cheap as chips) 
But anyway that won't work either as I'll have to turn the light on!

This is not going too well is it?
book for women
Oh and now I'm awake I can think of soooo many more things to worry about........

For goodness sake - where's the off switch in my head?

Ah well it must be time for morning coffee now.