Travel Photographers, Shall We Do It I Said?

Over the last few years we have travelled to several places, near and far.

A thought out of nowhere

Returning from a recent visit to Madeira this year I had this totally random thought.......

Wedding season was over and on the Friday prior to going away we had shot, what we thought was, our last wedding of the year.

Wedding at Stanwell House
Well, I'll be perfectly honest with you, I knew once I had finished editing these photos, I may well be tearing my hair out, wondering what to do next. 😖  

I know, I know lots of housework and boring stuff to be done.  Plenty of time for that when I'm old and grey!  What?  I'm grey now? Yes. but I can cover that up can't I?

So, anyway, it came to me ..... why couldn't we share our travel experiences? 

Travel on a budget?

We aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination so we try to get good deals when we travel.

However, we are also fusspots.  Striving to get a little luxury at great prices - or at least good clean accommodation, good food and drink.

So we always travel watching the pennies.

Now I am sure that would be helpful to others.

So on the return flight I put my thoughts to Malcolm.  Always supportive.  He said 'Travel photographers?  Why not go for it.  We certainly have plenty of photographs!'.

A travel blog is born ...

My idea became a reality.  Come on over and visit my Travel Blog 
It's in its early stages, but I'd love to know what you think.

By the way ....

Earlier I made the comment
 'what we thought would be our last wedding of the year'.  

Well it wasn't .... this lovely couple booked us at short notice!  
 New Forest Wedding
So never, say never and never be afraid to turn your idea into a business.

I quote 

''Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.'  by Samuel Beckett