Can We Use Your Image In Our Magazine

It goes something like this:

'Hi we have seen your images online and think they are beautiful.  We think they are well suited to our magazine and would like to use an image for one of our features'

Me:  'Oh thank you for the compliment.  We are thrilled that you'd like to use one of our images'

'Can you send the high resolution image over to us?'

Me:  'Yes, of course, how would you like to pay?'

'Pay?  No, we'll give you a credit in the magazine, you know put your name out there, let them know whose photo it is.  And we'll send you a free copy of the magazine'

Me:   'Oh, I see, you mean give you our image free of charge?'

'Yes we will put your company name alongside the image'

Me:   'Let me ask you a question?  How much of your time do you give for free?  Ah, I see, you don't.'

Let me explain ....

Photography is how we make a living, our chosen career.  Years of training in order to gain a Professional Photography Qualification.

After working with film for many years, retraining in digital and photo editing.  

Indeed, many days and hours of ensuring we are always on top of our game.  Just as any other profession. 

Spending thousands of pounds on professional equipment including cameras, lens and lighting to ensure that our clients get the best possible image.

We carry 3 camera bags with 6 digital SLRs and numerous lens and flash guns.

Studio lighting for commercial shoots, such as hotel interiors.
Updating, updating and more updating to the latest cameras, lens and studio lighting.  In fact, currently I am looking at upgrading to yet another camera.

Who else would?

And let me ask you this?

Which other professional person, or company would you ask to provide a service or product for nothing?

So, hopefully you get my drift .......

Don't get me wrong ...

Every year we provide vouchers to Charities for professional photo shoots.  We are always ready and willing to donate to worthy causes.

But 'no' is the answer to 'can we use your image in our magazine free of charge'  I do hope you understand.