Learn How to Take Photos of Your Kids ... Every Second Counts

Sometimes you just have to do what you can when you can.

I'm a long distance Nana .....

I don't see my children and their children anywhere near as much as I'd like to.  I stress, this is not through anyone's fault.  

Life gets in the way for all of us.  But when you live a distance from family it is even harder to snatch days or weekends together because of work and school.  

Consequently, you grab the rare moments and take photos wherever and whenever you can.
It's so important to get pictures so what I'm saying is just get out there and do it.

The lighting isn't always right .....   

But as long as you know your camera whether it be a DSLR, compact or just your phone you can take pictures.

Capture the moment, not the pose

These beautiful kids are four of my grandchildren, who visited over the Christmas and New Year.  The light wasn't always right and they weren't always in the right place but it didn't matter.

All too soon they will become teenagers living their life to the full.  I know only too well that time with them will become even less.

No brainer ... advice

Just get out there with your family.  

Enjoy the moment, grab your camera and capture those images the best you can.  Record the times that become so very very precious.  

Can't take photos .. learn how .. every second counts?

Learn to Take Photos of your Kids

You can't let these times slip away without taking photos.

Too soon we forget the innocence of childhood, the smiles and giggles we had when we spent time with our children or grandchildren.

Print your favourites.  

There's so much pleasure in looking back at photographs.

Don't leave them on your camera, phone or computer!  Make sure you get your favourite images printed.

Be old fashioned  

You could even put them in an album so that you and the kids and their kids can look at them in years to come, just like the old times.😍  Think about it .... it could be easier than viewing on the computer?