Need to Give it Up ... Who Can Tell Me How?

The time has come ....

I started a few days ago and I can honestly say I am no further forward!

I think it must be like choosing a wedding photographer!  Well, there are so many of them aren't there?

After the questions ....

I remember once I sat down with a couple who had questions on a spreadsheet for the photographers they had chosen doing their initial online search

  1. How long have they been taking wedding photos
  2. Have they got a full portfolio
  3. Do they know the venue
  4. Are they local to the venue
  5. Are there two wedding photographers on the day
  6. Do they have a professional qualification
  7. Do they have insurance
  8. Do they edit the photos and not just shoot and put on a USB
  9. Is a pre wedding photo session included in the package
  10. Will we be able to buy all our wedding pictures with a licence to print them
Suffice it to say, after answering the questions we were commissioned by the couple.

Which camera

Now how do I come up with a similar list for my camera?
This image is one taken for the Woman and Home magazine when I first received my qualification with the British Institute of Professional Photographers.  Yes, a few years ago now!

I need to give it up ....

The big issue is the lens you see.
I am finding it extremely difficult to give it up and move on.  It is my favourite lens of all time ...the Nikon 70-200mm F2.8.  

That and the D800 which I have now, weighs 6.5lbs and after 11 hours at a wedding is getting a bit of a burden to put it bluntly.

I guess I need to make notes on how to choose a camera

As I'm not one for spreadsheets I think I may have to write down ...
good and bad, plus points etc for each camera I'm looking at
We've both always stayed loyal to Nikon.  Their cameras are heavy, so if I'm going for lightweight I may have to look elsewhere ... Fujifilm, Olympus maybe?

Oh and a word of advice

If you are choosing a wedding photographer .... although all the questions in the list above are important and valid.  

The most important things are:

*do you like their images and 
*do you get on with them?  

If you don't get on with them your photos won't portray you and your personality.

If you have advice for me in choosing a camera, please help!