Monopod Help with Diamonds and Lace

As you know my search continues for my new lightweight camera.

However, my son paid a visit last week, always lovely to see him, of course, and sometimes he gives helpful advice too!

He said 'how's the search for the camera?'
My reply 'the search is still on' and 'of course, I am finding it hard to give up my two favourite lens, one being 70-200 2.8 and the other being my 105 macro lens.'

He said 'why don't you try using a monopod?' 😌

My reply 'oh no it gets in the way, no flexibility'

And that's where we left the conversation.

In the garden this morning ...

with the help of my Manfrotto Quick Power Carbon Fiber monopod we, that is me, monopod and Macro lens, managed to capture some very intricate diamonds and lace woven by some very clever spiders.  

Now this doesn't mean my search for a lightweight camera is off.  A monopod is definitely not flexible enough for me to use at weddings.

On a fast paced wedding day I have visions of sticking a monopod where I shouldn't! 😟

Good news

It does mean I can keep my heavy lens for commercial work, landscapes and days like this.

I'm smiling now :)

Photography show...

And what's more there is the annual photography show in March where I can pop along and test new cameras to my heart's content.