Shamed Into Getting My Mojo Back and Just Look What Happened Next

Don't swim.....

After suffering tendonitis in my shoulder and my bicep since before Christmas (probably something to do with that heavy camera!) I was told not to go swimming.
Consequently, I haven't!

Come on get your mojo back ...

So in the New Year I met up with my Spa pals for a coffee at Lime Wood.

'oh Jan, we thought you'd moved or taken a long holiday'
and a lot more comments along those lines!

The majority of these Spa pals are a little older than me and were not having any of my excuses!  'swim with one arm' 'walk in the pool'

Shamed into it ..

Yep, I was shamed into returning to the pool.

Trouble is, yesterday, I felt so good about myself returning that I also found myself calling in here on return journey home ....
Rosie Lea's Tea Room!
Well, I thought, after a little workout, just a latte can't do any harm, can it?
Ah .... and a little slice of toast and marmalade perhaps?

But, of course, I had forgotten at Rosie Lea's they just don't do small!

They don't do small helpings, they are not small on service and friendliness either.  

The young staff here could really teach many other tea rooms the skill of great customer service.

A fabulous, cosy tea room with amazing food and service.  Well done.

By the way the marmalade was absolutely delicious....can I buy some to take home?

PS: BTW the images were taken on my mobile phone as it was the only thing I had with me!  Nokia 920