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Running your own business can be a real challenge, sometimes a little lonely but always very rewarding, so it's always good to chat to others in the 'same boat' so to speak. 😌

An environmentally friendly business

As wedding photographers, we are keen to ensure we do our bit to look after the environment and the beautiful New Forest wedding venues. Consequently we recommend natural environmentally friendly confetti so we wanted to know a bit more about it.

An interview ...

Always bowled over by this lady's enthusiasm about her products, I really wanted to know more!  Why and how did she begin this thriving natural confetti business Thankfully, Julie agreed to an interview!

Q. Why did you start your own business?

We didn't know what to do with our fields once our horse had passed away until one day we were at a wedding and discovered that the venue didn't allow paper confetti to be thrown as it was not biodegradable. It was then that we decided to grow flowers in our redundant fields to produce natural petal confetti.

Q. How many years have you been in business?

9 years

Q. Do you supply confetti for any other events, other than weddings?

We supply petals mainly for weddings but sometimes for parties, eg. Petals for scattering on tables

Q. What is the most popular petal currently used for confetti at weddings?

The most popular is the delphinium, larkspur petal. Once dried, the colours and texture mostly mimic the traditional paper confetti.

Q. Is there a current trend for brides?

The current trend for brides when organising the confetti for their wedding, is the little organza bags filled with their petal colour choice. These bags are so practical, for pockets, handbags, etc. Also to place in a large basket to leave at the venue exit for guests to help themselves. The cones are also lovely but if it is windy, they tend to take off!

Q. How much confetti would you advise a bride to order?

Many brides seem to want to order for all of their guests but I do try to advise against this, as not everyone will want to throw confetti. It is mainly the women and children. Some guests will bring their own. I normally say purchase enough for half of the guests.

Q. How much notice does a bride have to give you to order in time for their wedding day?

I only need a few days’ notice to organise confetti for a wedding but many brides will order months in advance! Some are very keen to get everything done!

Q. Have you any tips for brides regarding their confetti?

It is advisable to leave a responsible flower girl or bridesmaid in charge of the confetti to ensure that it is handed out to guests as they follow the bride and groom out of the venue after the wedding ceremony.

Q. What do you like most about your work?

I love making up the pretty little packages of confetti to send off to a bride, carefully wrapped in organza bags, tissue paper and then neatly boxed and dispatched.

Q. What is the strangest request you have had?

I can't recall any strange requests.......yet!

Q. How do you envisage your business 5 years from now?

I hope in 5 years’ time I will have been able to grow suitable flowers for confetti in the colour green. Green has been requested by numerous brides this season but I have yet to find any flower petals which are green and dry successfully. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to contact me!
Biodegradable confetti for wedding at Elmers Court
Rose confetti on the beach at Milford

Many of our couples choose the delphinium petals from the Natural Confetti Company

Julie was really excited to tell me her ivory delphinium petals had been used for the
Downton Abbey wedding!
Wow, that really is something to shout out about!
Umm? Wonder why we weren't asked to be the wedding photographers? :)
Business: The Natural Confetti Company
Location: Virginia Water
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