Am I Getting any Closer?

I kind of guessed that I should have some idea as to what I'm looking for when we go up to the Photography Show so in between shoots have been continuing my search online.

Mirrorless or not

I was looking at mirrorless, but I just can't get my head round it really? Also the cameras don't feel that good in my hand.  Bit small!

Bedtime reading

Thought I might get some ideas from magazines.  We have a few!
Ah well something to sit down with and enjoy a cuppa anyway! 

New lens

I am, however, using a new lens.  Nikon 35mm 1.8. I'm quite liking this and it's really lightweight.  Actually I quite like a fixed lens too.  It means I can do a bit more storytelling photography rather than close up work.

What's more it is a godsend on my travel photography.

Lowlight ease

Have been trying it out in lowlight as hoping it will replace my 70-200 lens when we do our next candlelit wedding coming up at beginning of March.

As you can see my existing lens always did a good job without having to use flash, which would spoil the romantic ambience of candlelight.

Am I getting any closer

So this lens plus a lightweight DSLR could just be what I'm looking for. And if I can stick with Nikon it means I can keep and use all existing lenses for studio and macro work with a monopod.

So, yes, I think I am getting closer. 😅