Is Life Black and White?

I've started converting images to black and white!  Not absolutely sure why.  Just have the urge for some unknown reason.

Shock Horror

I can just imagine my Dad reading this now - and I know he will!
In his day, as a wedding photographer, everything was black and white. He even had his own darkroom and developed all his own work.  Now, of course, we have the digital darkroom and things are a lot easier to change.  Now colour is possible in many hues and some photographers saturate so much that, actually I'm not sure it looks natural.  But then that's my opinion.  

I don't think Dad feels there's need for black and white.  There was no choice when he first started out as a photographer.

Life isn't black and white 

Or maybe Dad thinks life isn't black and white so why does the modern photographer feel the need to convert colour to black and white?

Maybe it's a phase

I think, with me, I just need to do something different for a while.  I've been looking at old photos too.  There's just something memorable and atmospheric about some black and white images.

I'm sure I'll get over it.  There's always room for beautiful colours and actually some images don't convert very well to black and white.

But I did think this one converted quite well ...... or did it?
See the same image in colour shown in last blog.

Let me know what you think.