Let Your Soul and Spirit Fly

After visiting this beach again yesterday with my son and his family, it reminded me of another very windy walk I had on my own.

I had been watching the windsurfers blasting their way across the waves with a sense of freedom, as they were again yesterday.

What an amazing feeling that must be.  Of course, I'd never be brave enough to do it.   Wasn't even brave enough when I was younger, so certainly wouldn't be now!

So, for now, forgive me for reposting a memory
from May last year....... (and believe me when I say it, the wind was even colder yesterday, bitterly cold, but that for another day's blog!)

Last May's post........ Let Your Soul and Spirit Fly

There's nothing I like better than a walk along the beach, especially Avon Beach.  Just wish I could find the time to do it more often.

Into the Mystic

This day it was really windy and I had the added pleasure of watching and capturing these windsurfers who were battling with the waves and the cold.  It reminded me of the Van Morrison song ...

Smell the sea .......

and feel the sky....

Let your soul and spirit fly.

Van Morrison

And, of course, when I visit Avon Beach I get to visit The Noisy Lobster too.  On this occasion I braved the cold to continue to watch the windsurfers whilst drinking tea.  

Try to do something every day to make you smile. :)