Is it Me Talking

Me?  I'm always full of self doubt.

Who is that talking?  

The little voices in my head working hard giving me all the reasons why I shouldn't do something.  Who is that talking?  Is there really another me?

Negative thoughts

Just lately those little voices are at it again!  You'll remember back at the end of last year I talked about starting a Travel Blog and as you know the idea came into my head and then became a reality.  

Well, to be honest turning it into a reality wasn't that difficult. However, it's the getting it out there and getting it noticed that is the hard bit and somehow I feel I should be getting more readers!  So hear come the negative thoughts...... 
  • 'is it working'  
  • 'how many people do you think are seeing it'
  • 'how many people are actually reading it'
  • 'maybe they don't find it interesting at all'
  • 'do I really have anything of value to offer'

STOP!  Wake up call  

This goes for anything at all.  Personal life or business life.

Is it me talking?  Yes it is!

It is me talking and I am the only one who can stop those voices.  I am the only one who can change my thoughts.

The moral of this story
throw away those seeds of doubt ........
stay focused, be clear in your mind, follow your dreams, give it your all 
and take action.

And by the way.....

I'd be thrilled to see you over on my Travel Blog - Oh and please check out my Travel Instagram too :)  And if you'd follow me that would be even better :)  

Thank you so much.