Whew, I Thought I Was Drowning

I have been so focused on travels, weddings and keeping my head above water that one of my favourite things to photograph has taken a back seat!

And you will remember in my last post, I talked about focus.  Well there's no point talking about it - you have to take action - oh yes I said that too didn't I and 'be clear in your mind'?


That's what has been pushing me under!

What with shoots, editing and keeping on top of blogging, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, it's no wonder really that I feel like I've been drowning.

Up for air ..

A business lunch with a colleague of mine really helped me regain focus and I came up for air. 

We chatted about this and that, but mostly business, over a delicious lunch at The Balmer Lawn Hotel
including a delightful dessert, oh and a glass of wine, of course. :)

Rinse and repeat

This phrase came up in the conversation several times.  Have you heard of it?  Gave me food for thought (pardon the pun).

Consequently, I took a long hard look at my baby photography business.
Yes, indeed, baby portrait sessions. Adore doing them and love looking back at the pictures too.  So great excuse to do rinse and repeat! :) 

So, the first thing was to change my baby photography Facebook page, change Baby Blog and then Baby Website.
Still lots of fine tuning to do, updating images etc with new logo, but getting there.  

And something new

Instagram baby page! Babyphotosbyjan and I love Instagram.  This is my favourite Social Networking platform.  If you don't have an account, go on and get one.  It's so easy

Early stages, but will add more images soon....
If you can find the time to pop on over and take a look, and if I could be so forward to ask you to follow too, that would be amazing.