I Wish I'd Known Before .....

If you've been following my blog I apologise for the lack of it!

Life has been in the fast lane lately with weddings and travelling and family too.

Update, update

However moving on from my previous blogs on trying to find a suitable  lightweight camera I am pleased to confirm I'm finally sorted!

Not only do I have a lightweight Nikon, but two lightweight lenses which have been well and truly used on my recent trip to Malta!  

Images will be coming shortly.  I'll update you as and when.

First and foremost I had to finish editing the lovely wedding we shot,
 a sneak peek here, just before leaving for hols.


Have to tell you this though.  Just prior to leaving for Malta, we measured my tried and trusted rucksack (said rucksack featured here) which had been used numerous times on BA!  

This time we were travelling with Ryanair and their hand luggage requirements are smaller!

Consequently my rucksack was too big.  Panic!

I ended up using my father-in-law's (bless him and hope he was looking down on me) camera bag which was just about the right size.  However, being a little dated (sorry Dad in law) it was a bit heavy, meaning that my lovely lightweight camera equipment was not so lightweight.

Next time

I have now solved that problem too!  In the Rigu sale I have found the most amazing lightweight camera bag.  Saw it on Instagram and quickly purchased.  I bought my lovely camera strap from Rigu too, featured here!

My Nikon and lens fit perfectly and I can also fit my iPad in too, plus a flash gun, my phone and my purse!

How about that!

I wish I'd known before .........