It's All Make Believe Except for the Photographs

Ooh I do like a bit of storytelling ....

Every year my garden gives me great pleasure.

It's only fair

But before I go any further I must just add that my husband does all the gardening and I do the sitting!  To be honest I'm just doing him a favour because he hates sitting still ..... good enough reason for me to take a back seat and watch. 😌 (well he doesn't do the housework so only fair really)

The pleasure is all mine

The sitting in the garden gives me hours of pleasure and lots of photographic moments.

So a bit of storytelling photography:
 So hot, think I'll take a dip .... maybe not someone's calling
 Tweet, tweet, tweet 'mum where are you?'
 I'll just peep behind this plant....
 not there, but staying quiet now, think there's a human in the garden looks like they have a gun....
 Oh no hope they haven't barbequed baby!
Oh thank goodness, just spotted him.
Here endeth the story.
And you know it's all made up except for the photographs, they are for real :)

Oh well, just for fun and the little birds keep me amused for hours on these lovely long Summer evenings.