Weddings, Champers and Prosecco

A quick tweet yesterday from a very dear lady who inspires young people and actually people of all ages to get involved in the wonders of nature, creating beautiful mini meadows of wildflowers.  I could write a whole blog about the inspirational work of Gill Hickman .... maybe I will do that, but another time.

Today her tweet had got my attention.  The meadows were again in flower!  Gosh where did that year go?  So I knew I could manage a few minutes to go and grab some shots as Woodside is not too far away.

Without further ado, have camera will travel, picked up the camera bag ready to go....hop in the car, a quick walk and almost there .....
wow, wow, wow.

Bee time

Not only do these meadows give pleasure to the young and the old, but to the bees too, which is, of course, really important to us pesticides here!
And I spied a few other little insects too.....
Oh and this little dog was so funny.  At first I thought he was going to jump right in ..... but no he just stood, looked and gave a couple of barks.  His owner said he was telling me I was in his garden!
He never goes in to the flowers apparently but goes round them to the pond the other side, which is where I was standing.  Cute and very intelligent dog!

More beauty in the garden

Without further ado, I'll let you take in the beauty of these wild flowers in the mini meadow Woodside Gardens Lymington.
And there's still more to come as many buds ...

And Gill's tweet said 'Didn't like to ask: I know it's wedding, champers and prosecco at the mo'  Umm?  I think my reputation goes before me!

Love taking photos of these meadow flowers so always be sure to ask, Gill :)

Weddings, champers and prosecco - gosh, must stop posting, the alcohol anyway!