Why do People think Wildlife in the Meadows are a Good Idea

A meadow is an important part of our habitat.  Over 150 plants, grasses and flowers support our insects, including bees, butterflies and beetles.

And, of course, by creating meadows full of such plants and flowers we are supporting many of our birds too.

Woodside Gardens

100s of years ago there were many meadows and grasslands full of beautiful wild flowers and grasses but sadly disappeared into the mouths of diggers and excavators.  

Meadows, such as the one which has been created in Woodside Gardens and many other areas in The New Forest are returning and should be celebrated and appreciated.

The meadow at Woodside Gardens is truly beautiful at the moment.  I visited earlier in the week and returned today to spend another hour there.  To be totally honest I could have spent much longer if time allowed.

Take a look .... 

The poppies were shimmering in the light and the wind.  Reminded me of silk.
Then I saw the butterflies - but oh so far away!  I was gutted I couldn't get closer but that would mean trampling on the flowers.

Wait .... wait....
 there are many more beautiful flowers to capture here.
 Oooh look a little closer to me now is a meadow brown (I think)
Oh gosh and wait a minute, look what is right under my nose too!  I was so excited, the most beautiful blue dragonfly.  Wow ......
 and wow again!
 How lucky was I to see this here in the flower meadow.
Beautiful cosmos.  I could take photos of these all day long, and the busy bees are in abundance here.
 And oh my goodness I was now in for a show that I could not believe.
Just goes to show that when patience prevails anything is possible.

Actually I think now this butterfly had got used to me being around he's showing off a little.
If you're not local to the New Forest I'm sure there will be wildflower meadows in your area.  Thankfully they are springing up everywhere again so go out there and find your nearest.  These extravaganzas are so worth visiting.

So why do people think wildlife in the meadows are a good idea? 

Hopefully after reading and viewing this blog you won't be asking that question.

When you visit one of these meadows, be sure to take a camera!

I'm sure this won't be the last time I visit here either! :)