How Summertime Pleasures Make the World a Better Place

To my mind when the weather is right in the UK there's nowhere better.

Morning cuppa

There's nothing quite like your morning cuppa taken in the garden to start the day off right.

Oops, you may have spotted this is not my garden, but my cuppa and my kindle on our trip to Antigua where you will discover it wasn't just a cuppa that was a favourite tipple ...... I digress :)

Alfresco in UK

Picnics and tea in the garden all feature in my Summertime!

And not cooking

Malcolm does a mean BBQ too, so that, of course, means me not cooking.  Gets my vote!

Long Summer Evenings

And if I'm not lucky enough to have that BBQ (well he has to have a night off sometimes).  Relaxing with a cold beer or glass of wine with the newspaper or favourite book.  Bliss.

There's always time

Of course, I will always have my camera to hand.  The garden in the Summer is full of cute birds and wildlife that I just can't resist.

How do Summertime pleasures make the world a better place?

  • Makes people smile more
  • Light Summer evenings help to relieve the loneliness for those who live alone.  Dark Winter evenings always seem so much longer when you're alone. 
  • We get to throw off the jumpers and donning T shirts and flipflops, relax and chill   
  • Birds and wildlife come out to play
  • Somehow the sun shining helps to relieve stress
  • People with cameras, iPhones everywhere taking photos, appreciating the world we live in
So BRING ON THE SUNSHINE make it a long long Summer and let's smile a whole lot more.

Bunting and cushions by Tina

Photography by Jan and Malcolm