'You Can Only do a Good Job When You Love What You're Seeing' Photography Tips

As promised, a follow on from my post 'So you want to be a photographer'

Umm?  I'm sure by now you will have taken many pictures, framed and reframed until you got the image you wanted?  You have haven't you?

I quote Annie Liebovitz

'One doesn't stop seeing.  One doesn't stop framing.  It doesn't turn off and on.  It's on all the time'

Some of my images I love just as they are.  Some however look better cropped.  I decide what I want the eye to focus on.

In the image below.  I loved the little girl's expression and although the first image looked fine, I felt it would improve with a little more cropping to bring the focus on the face more than the messy background.

Nikon D7100 50mm 1.4 lens set at ISO800 F/4 1/800sec 
Which brings me to backgrounds!  It's not always possible to declutter the backgrounds, especially when shooting children!  Moments are so easily missed if you start to try and clear up.

Don't miss the moment.

DSLR cameras on manual

If your camera has the Auto ISO function for speed it's a good idea to use it, use a fast shutter speed and wide aperture to ensure the background is blurred and for portraits always focus on the eyes. 
Camera, Lens and Settings for the above image
Nikon D7100 50mm 1.4 lens set at ISO800 
Aperture F/4 Shutterspeed 1/800sec
Phone or compact camera

With a phone or compact camera don't use digital zoom or you will lose quality in the image.

Instead shoot up as close as you can and shoot landscape.  Then you can crop the image on computer to alleviate most of the background.

You can only do a good job when you love what you're seeing.

I see a picture in anything and everything but if I don't like what I see I don't photograph it!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to comment below or get in touch.