A Big Shout out for Photography Mondays

Photography Mondays!  Whats that all about?  Well you may be interested if you relate to any of the following:

  • new to photography 
  • bought a new camera and the manual is baffling to say the least
  • have a busy life and never had the time to work out what all the settings are on your camera
  • want to take better photos
  • take everything on Auto or P for programme 

I am going to try and cover the basics and a little bit more.

Each week I hope to bring you something that will help you not only gain more confidence with your camera, but get the photos you envisage.

Keeping it simple ....

The good news is that I'm not 'techy'.  I can only learn things if they're explained simply.  Consequently I'll be making it simple for you 'cos that's the only way I can work. 

Having said that if there's anything at all you don't understand - shout out in the comments section below! 

Just like driving a car .....

Yep taking photos is a bit like driving a car ..... what?  I hear you say.
Well when you learn to drive you're consciously thinking about where your feet are, where to put the gear lever, what comes next etc.  Well, that's until you have driven for months or maybe a year and suddenly it all becomes second nature.  In fact if you start to think where to put your feet you get a bit confused 😕

Do it, do it and do it again

Using your camera is just the same.  Practice, practice, practice.  And these days with digital it is so much easier!  No throwing those expensive films away either when you've completely messed up!

There's nothing wrong with auto

You heard me right.  There's nothing wrong with Auto or P for Programme.  However, you can do better than your camera!  You see using those settings the camera is doing everything for you except composing the image.

How to eat an elephant

One bite at a time.  My advice to you......Before you read the next Monday's post be sure to practice the tips on the previous Monday's  post.  The posts aren't going anywhere.  You can take your time.


Always carry your camera with you. When you have your mind set on photography, you'll see a photograph in everything. Spontaneous moments are sometimes the best!

Practice, practice, practice.

Digital has made photography easily accessible to all, but if you seriously want to create great images you'll need to drive your camera and not be driven by it and practice.

Is there anything you particularly want to know? Just shout out below in the comments. Never be afraid to ask a question, any question.

Thanks for stopping by.....see you next Monday!