Photography Monday and the Most Important Thing to Master

Because of a blip in my Google Blog you may have missed last Monday as we were in a different place on Bloglovin

However, I have repeated it here.

So grab yourself a cuppa and let's go right ahead with our photography learning!

By the way if you haven't been with us the last two weeks you can still find the previous blogs here and the second here
The Answer to last week's question:
Q: One of the most important things in photography whichever camera or phone you have ..... do you know what that is?
A: Light - yes quite simply the light,  It can make or break an image whatever you're using to capture the photo.
I said I wouldn't get technical but ..... before I go any further if you should want to know any photography technicality - shout out. If I don't know the answer, my husband will as he is very techy!
Keep your camera on AUTO 
I know, I know I said we'd get off Auto and Programme. But for now ....I'm simply going to cover light in a very easy way. Without looking at camera settings we're going to simply practice taking photos using the light.
Be Sure to Turn off your flash
Get your camera and stand in any room with a window and an electric light. As we haven't covered any camera settings yet, be sure to do this in the daytime.
Take several photos. One without the light on .... and watch how and where the shadows fall, where is dark and where is light.
Now block the light with curtains or blinds and take a photo with the light on. Do you see the difference?
For our shoot today please be introduced to our model Ethel
I have asked Ethel the Teddy Bear to step in as model for the purpose of this exercise! 😊 Simply with my trusted iPhone, without changing any settings I have taken photos in the same room - my office actually!
1. Closed the shutters and no artificial light

.2. Shutters still closed and switched electric light on

3. Now I have turned Ethel round towards the window so she is facing the light. Switched the light off and opened shutters.  Now Ethel is bathed in light I believe it has enhanced her beauty and far fewer wrinkles :)

I promise I have not edited at all this is using all natural light. Uploaded straight to computer and just cropped square for easy viewing.
Mastering light in photography
Until you get into editing, mastering light is an absolute must whether you are shooting for fun, for family, or Social Media.  You will see the difference it makes.
I love natural light and will use it whenever possible.
Once more practice, practice, practice because believe me understanding light is incredibly important to all your shots.
Quote by George Eastman::
” Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” – George Eastman
Thanks for following ....... please get in touch if you have any queries or questions at all.
See you next week :).