Photography Mondays. Start at the Very Beginning ...Types of Camera

Well the beginning is always a very good place to start, don't you think?

So moving on from last week .... What?  You missed it?  It's here!

And before we go any further ... 

it really doesn't matter which camera you have it's just important you have one.  And remember, it matters most what you do with your camera and not how much you paid for it. :)

So let's begin with the various types of Camera?
Which one do you have?

Phone - 

I'm sure we all have a phone and this doesn't really need explaining.
To be honest I love my iPhone camera for ease and quick snapshots and for uploading direct to Social Media.  In fact there are some useful tips for phone images on an earlier post if you're interested?

Compact - 

a small camera to carry around.  However the shutter lag on these is slow (meaning when you press the button you don't always get the shot you wanted because there is a lull between pressing the button and the camera capturing the moment).  But these are constantly updated and I'm sure not as slow as they used to be.

Bridge - 

A bigger camera with lens attached, not interchangeable.  It looks a little like a DSLR but smaller, lighter and less expensive.  I actually don't have any experience with these but am absolutely sure you can capture some great images with a Bridge Camera.

Mirrorless - 

much smaller than a DSLR, therefore, lighter to handle.  They do have interchangeable lenses.  Some professionals have turned to these mainly because they are incredibly light to handle.  They're tiny size is because the mirror system that you find in a DSLR, which gives you the actual image via the viewfinder, has been removed and there is a EVF (electronic viewfinder) instead.  
Some will say this doesn't enable you to connect with the subject as easily.  Jury is out on this as again I don't have experience with mirrorless cameras.  
However, I have seen images created with these little cameras and they are phenomenal.  Definitely on my wishlist for carrying out and about with the grandchildren :)

DSLR -  

Digital Single Lens Reflex.  My workhorses!  Heavier to carry around and unless you have a large handbag, it won't fit!  Oops, sorry about that comment and sincere apologies, it was a little bit sexist maybe and I've probably lost all male readers in one hit. 😒  They also may have a bag, of course. But as you can see from this image of me we all need a rather large bag for our DSLRs and Lenses.   

It's the camera and lens you have ....

Of course, spare lenses and spare cameras are useful if you're on a professional shoot.  I will cover types of lens in a later Photography Monday edition but until then let's focus on one camera and the lens that's on the camera ie.  the one you have :)

Someone once said 'which lens is best' the reply was 'the lens you have on the camera'
That folks is what we're going to be working towards in the beginning.

Your goals?  What are they?

  • Taking photos for Social Media, Instagram etc?
  • Family photos?
  • Starting out as a photographer in the hope of starting your own business?
  • Photos for your website rather than using stock photos?
  • Just taking better photos
For all the above you need to understand your camera and how you can 'drive' it to take better pictures. 

Over the coming weeks my goal is to help you understand photography in a very simplistic, easy to understand way without any jargon.

Until next week.  Practice, practice, practice with whichever camera you have, whichever lens you have.

Next week we'll be talking about one of the most important things in photography whichever camera or phone you have .....
Do you have any idea what that might be?   

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have a question or anything in particular you'd like me to cover, pop it in the comments box.

See you next week.

 📸'You don't take a photograph, you make it'  Ansel Adams