Making Learning Photography Easy and Keeping it Simple

I can always remember my son saying to me 'every day's a school day Mum'

How very true that statement is!

No preparation leads to poor planning

Well actually I think there maybe a little more to that saying 😉

So I’m owning up to not having prepared for this week.

This week I have felt a little like a beginner myself. 

You may have realised last week I used images from an Olympus PenF? Well, no matter, if you didn’t ... but it is my new camera and I feel a bit of a novice using it! 

Finding my way round it after using Nikons for 15 years or more is quite a challenge.  Plus it is mirrorless and that takes a little getting used to too!

Do I need to learn photography all over again?

This is taking me back to the beginning!

Read the manual???

I wasn't happy with the images I was getting so knew I'd have to go back to basics and read the manual.  That's novel in itself.
Reading manuals 😟 definitely not one of my strengths.

I had forgotten how camera manuals are all but useless.  They either have soooo much information you are blinded by the science or there is next to no information at all (as with an iPhone or iPad!).

With my new camera there is very little information in the manual and the camera feels so alien to me?

Never a 'know all'   

Yep!  After many years as a professional photographer, it really is me saying this!  I'm not too proud to own up to needing help.  We never know it all, no matter how long we've been in our profession.

Thank heaven for the Internet on this occasion and YouTube.  After a little searching I found someone who knew all about the Olympus PenF and it's settings.  Whew!   And ........ relax.

Use the internet

So the moral of this story is ..... don't be afraid or too proud to seek help.  AND  there is always help online if you search hard enough.  If you don't have the manual for your camera you can always download a PDF online.  It's free and with a PDF you can use it to search too!

Using Aperture Priority

Are you used to Aperture Priority yet?  To be honest I love this setting and have gone back to using it whilst getting used to my new camera.

Close ups and milky dreamy backgrounds

If you want those lovely milky backgrounds behind your subject use a low aperture number and either zoom in close or, if you don’t have a zoom lens, step in closer.
F stop 2.8 and up close and personal

Everything in focus

And if you want everything in focus ie a landscape stay wide and use a high number f stop.
F stop 11 at a distance 
If you’re switched on, of course, you'll have already worked it all out but if, like me, you'll have needed a light bulb moment!

Switched on or light bulb?

Clever or not, I'm with you all the way - just shout loud if I'm not explaining things clearly.

I like to keep things simple so making learning photography easy is second nature to me.

Of course, if it's all too simple for you then probably these photography Mondays aren't for you.  Just saying 😕

Top tip for portraits 

Remember in a previous week we talked a little about seeing the light.
Whatever camera you have, even if it's just your phone.
If you're shooting with the sun behind you your subject will be looking into the sun resulting in squinting eyes.  Never a good look!

Nor are sunglasses, unless you are using them as a prop!

It's best to shoot into the sun or move your subject into the shade.

Take pictures of things you love?

I leave you with this image, which although isn't the best I've taken it's taken on my Olympus Penf - prior to finding out how to use it :)

Aperture was F4 and should have been at least F8 or F11 to get more in focus and sharp.

I'd stopped the car on the side of the road en route home and the colours caught my eye!  Not much time to find way round unknown camera settings so just took the photo anyway and actually any way :)

I thought I'd share it because the colours of the forest are incredible and it's so important to capture things you love.  Not a perfect image but I got it 😌
New Forest Colours of Autumn 45mm lens ISO400 F4

I believe this quote is relevant this week don't you? 😉

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” ―Elbert Hubbard

Remember - above all else, go out and enjoy your photography, take photos of what you love.

Have a great week.
Jan x