Learning Photography in Simple Terms

Hello and Happy New Year to you all. 

Photography Mondays will restart very soon

No I haven't totally lost the plot!  I know it isn't Monday ..... but I just thought I'd catch up with a quick reminder that Photography Mondays are about to restart!

Before they do I thought I'd just go over some simple reminders about these Mondays :)

Learning Photography in Simple Terms

It's all about learning photography the simple way.  You'll find no techy stuff here.  

Photography Mondays are for you if you:
  • are new to photography 
  • have bought a new camera and your camera manual is complicated or non existent
  • have a busy life and never had the time to work out what all the settings are on your camera
  • want to take better photos
  • take everything on Auto or P for programme
  • want some tips on using your mobile phone for shooting
It isn't for you if you love all the technical stuff about photography and are already on manual mode..... because these here Mondays will be too simple and quite possibly bore the socks off you!  Just saying :0)

Play catch up ... that's the beauty of E Learning :)

If you have only just begun to follow us you can play catch up by visiting previous Mondays, the first one began on Monday 10th September 2018 and each Monday thereafter. 

Still learning ...... every day's a school day

This is true with everything.  No matter how experienced you are you can always learn something.

Getting to grips with a new camera

Out and about over the Christmas/New Year break and I was trying to get to grips with my Olympus PenF.  To say I got frustrated on many occasion is an understatement :(

Learning how to use a new camera should be a lesson in itself and one I could possibly teach after my trials with the Olympus PenF.

Everyone tells you to read the manual.  I've never been one for reading manuals!  I am much better just working my way through it or going on YouTube for some visual stuff!  

However, I'm getting there slowly but surely.

Lime Wood Hotel Olympus PenF 14-42mm kit lens ISO400 Aperture F9 

Make time for you ....

Practice, practice, practice ...... we just all need the time.  

My suggestion to you and me is, if it's something you really want to do .... make time for you :)  

I'm going to take at least an hour out once a week for my Olympus PenF.  It could be just an hour indoors, or it could be a specific out and about hour scheduled in my diary.  

Every Monday I will share images taken and the settings I used.  The images will be straight out of the camera ...... no editing, even if I mess up :( 

The above image from a treasured and memorable day with my son and his gorgeous family at Lime Wood.  The weather was cold, crisp and still creating beautiful light and reflections.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
— Marc Riboud

Looking forward to next Monday.  
Jan x