Easy Learning Photography Basics Pure and Simple

Hi everyone and welcome to a New Year and more photography basics in simple terms.

Whilst out and about with my Olympus (new to me camera!) I realised that actually all wasn't as simple as it could be and maybe as clear as mud :0(

Photography basics, pure and simple

Photography is all about light .....  
You need light to take a photo, the better the light is the better your images will be.

Consequently, the more we get used to the settings on our camera, the better we'll be at getting the image we want.

I am the world's worst for beating myself up when I get things wrong.  My advice is ..... when you mess up don't give yourself a hard time!  That's the beauty of digital being able to practice loads and being able to delete our mistakes!  As my grandson would say 'epic' :)

Aperture priority and using ISO

We are currently using Aperture Priority (you are aren't you?)
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In Aperture Priority we also need to set our ISO.

Reminder:  ISO = sensitivity of the sensor.  The lower the number the lower the sensitivity of the image sensor.  Remember the higher the number the ISO the more grainy your image.  

However, if you use a wide aperture (low number) you will allow more light into your camera which will enable you to keep your ISO low too.

Images and Examples of settings below

Last week I said I'd dedicate an hour to my new camera.  Using Aperture priority and my kit lens 14mm - 42mm I did just that and have uploaded a few images straight from camera to show you.

I absolutely love this time of year .... the colours of the sky is beautiful at sunrise and sunset.  So my hour was spent late afternoon at the beach and I managed to capture the most beautiful sunset.

In normal circumstances I would edit a little to enhance but the only thing I have done is resize them for the blog, otherwise they would be too large.
ISO200 Aperture F 11 Lens 14mm

I was trying to capture The Needles over the top of the beach huts.  In my opinion, although the sun was going down, I don't think this image is quite bright enough. Also the horizon needs straightening :0)

I could have increased the ISO or dropped down the Aperture to get a brighter image.
ISO200 Aperture F 5.6 lens as wide as it would go 14mm
The picture I saw through the lens was just as it is above.  Had I increased the ISO I may have over exposed the sky too much.

A little tip for you .... If you put your focus point on the bright, the rest of your image may be dark.  Alternatively, if you focus on dark the exposure will be brighter.

Where do you think I focused on the above image?

ISO400 Aperture F 5.3 Lens at 32mm
I'm happy enough with the exposure of this image above.  It was getting dark so I kept my ISO at 400 and used quite a wide aperture in order to allow enough light in.  However, I would normally crop this image to get rid of the bit of grass at the bottom and a tiny bit off the left of the image .... oh and maybe a bit off the top as I think there is too much sky.

ISO400 Aperture F4.2  Lens at 20mm
Here again it was getting dark, but I wanted to capture the ambience and not have it too bright.  This couple were sat huddled on the bench watching the sunset, which I really wanted to capture as silhouttes.  However, it is a little too dark in the bottom half of the image and I maybe should have cranked up the ISO a little.  I would normally edit and lighten the shadows a little.

A point worth remembering for lowlight photography

If you need to use a low ISO to capture the ambience but you want everything sharp and therefore need to use a high number aperture, you'll need a tripod or something steady to lean on ....nope husband/partner shoulder probably not steady enough :) 
In lowlight you need to keep the camera very still to avoid camera shake. 

Macro photography

Simply macro is getting up close and personal, seeing and making things larger than life.

This is a tiny shell I found on the beach.  I placed it on a rock and got up as close as my lens would allow and setting the aperture as wide as I could, again as my lens would allow.

I found with my 14-42 lens if I stepped back and zoomed a little it gave me the image I wanted.  

ISO400 Aperture F 5.2 Lens at 30mm

I love macro, it allows you to see tiny details.  Have fun with this.  Aperture priority is great for macro.

You can also use your phone to do this too.

I didn't today but here's one I did on my phone previously when my granddaughter found this pretty shell on the beach.

Get as close to the object as you can.  Focus on what you want sharp and click!
iPhone Macro 

As long as you like the pictures you take ....

Remember photography is subjective and if you are happy with your pics that's all that matters.  It is nice to get what you want though so keep working on getting to grips with exposure.

'Wherever there is light, one can photograph' Alfred Stieglitz

Have a great week.  Take some time out for you and have some fun.

Jan x