Do you Know the Difference Between a Snapshot versus Photograph?

Hi everyone ...

I'm going to be very quick today as I really feel we have had a lot to digest over the previous weeks.  Actually it becomes quite a minefield when you get into settings on your camera so before we go any further on these Photography Mondays let's take a look at something as  important ....... well important if you want to take your photography seriously.

Snapshot -v- Photograph

You need to distinguish between snapshot and photograph.

What is a snapshot?

A snapshot is pretty much taking a quick memorable picture, recording a memory.  Taking the picture which is in front of you.
A picture you'll use to help you remember.

ie:  This is a snapshot of one of our Summer BBQs which I always love to remember, because of the food and being able to sit outside to eat :) For me a wonderful memory.

A snapshot of our BBQ in the Summer (yum)

What is a photograph?

A photograph is something you have taken time over and got your creative juices working on (pardon the pun here but couldn't help it with all this food in front of me).  
Taking time to create a unique and pleasing image.
Slice the lemon and add a little parsley butter to the BBQ.

Do you understand the difference between snapshot and photograph?

To be or not to be a photographer?

That is the question!  If you want to take your photography seriously you'll really need to learn how to get off the Auto settings for creative and artistic images which are a little different from the norm :)

A great quote for this week:
'You don't take a photograph, you make it'  Ansel Adams 
(I love his work)
I hope I haven't frightened you off this week :(
Hope to see you next week.
Jan x