Learning Photography and How Perspective Can Make a Difference

Something a little different this week.  I'm well aware it's school holidays so some of you may well have your hands full but hopefully when you're out and about you'll have your camera with you.

This is a great time to practice the art of photography and grab some great pictures.  In a previous post we talked about taking pics of your children but we'll talk a little more about it.  It's so important to grab those photos when you can.  We all know how quickly they grow up!

Your life the way you live it, your story

I love story telling with my images.  'Every picture tells a story' as they say.

You're in charge of the kind of story you want to tell with your photos.  Bear in mind, just because you have the camera in your hand at eye level it doesn't mean that's where you have to stay!

The power of perspective ....

Sunflowers at Osborne House
Above was taken on a day out with my friend.  We were in the gardens at Osborne House.  Whilst she was taking photos of the Sunflowers I was taking photos of her.  Had I zoomed in on her we wouldn't have seen the enormity of these amazing Sunflowers. 
A dog is a little girl's best friend
Above I was on a shoot with a cute little girl and her dog.  It was a present for her Grandma.  This little girl and her dog had such a close relationship, it was beautiful to see.  As you can see I got down low to the ground for this image to portray the love the girl had for her dog.

Fairy doors at Furzey Gardens
Ah the above ..... my granddaughters a few years ago at Furzey Gardens.  Doubt very much they'd be interested in fairy doors now or even posing for a picture!  I think they've gone a little coy :) 
Anyway here again I got down to their level.
New forest pony and admirers
This was a shoot in the New Forest with a group of sisters who wanted some photos for their father's birthday.  First I get a photo with them and their background, with pony - well it was the New Forest.
Then I zoom in - change to wider aperture :) to get my very favourite dreamy background and more focus on the subjects.
A lovely family shoot on the beach.  This was a beautiful story telling image.  I didn't want to shoot from above as I wanted to see their happy expressions.  They were having such fun.
And now a group of fabulous people - all volunteers sewing seeds at the Lymington Hospital, featured in a post a while ago.  I wanted to tell the story here of their hard work .....
and zoomed in on one spreading seeds.

Perspective in a nutshell

  • To get a sense of scale - shoot at eye level or downwards
  • From a child's perspective - get down to their level
  • Shoot intimately or to highlight detail - don't just stand there move your feet and get in close or zoom in
  • To include the environment - shoot wide and include places and scenery
AND  think about what story you're telling before you shoot and how perspective can make a difference to your photographs.

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”
— Don McCullin

Thanks again for dropping by. Have a great week, enjoy what you're doing, have fun and be happy.

Jan x