We're Talking Portrait Photography

A bit of a recap this week and focusing on portraits with a few easy top tips.

Top tips for portraits:

Remember nothing is carved in stone and this is only my personal thoughts on shooting portraits. 

Shoot what you love and love what you shoot.

  • Shoot in Aperture priority
  • Don't go any lower than F2.8 - any lower than that and some of the face may be out of focus and probably not what you want. 
  • I mostly use F4 for portraits, but that's my personal preference. For me it gives enough sharpness and beautiful softness around the edges.
  • More than two people in the group, then I'd go to at least F5.6
  • Always focus on the eyes, and the eye nearest to you.
  • Try to use natural light.  It is much softer.
  • Move around your subject to find the best light and to take a variation of shots.
  • With kids (they move around a lot, in case you hadn't noticedđź‘€) up your ISO if necessary so that your camera sets a faster shutter speed, ensuring sharp photos.
  • If you want my favourite dreamy background be sure there is a good distance between subject and background. Be close to your subject or if you have a zoom lens and you can zoom in.
  • Clear clutter from background
Most of all be sure to have fun.  Taking photos helps me realise the importance of now.  Capturing moments that are a return ticket to the past.

Have a great week.
Love Jan x