How do you use shutter speed to freeze movement

Moving on from last week, when we asked 'what is shutter speed', I have been asked 'how do you use shutter speed to freeze movement'?

Using shutter speed to freeze movement

The best way for me to explain is to use images of a waterfall.  I don't have to go far for this as we just happen to have one in our garden :)

So without further ado ....
It is late afternoon and the sun has disappeared so quite dark under the shrubs round the waterfall.  I have, therefore, set my ISO to 2000 for both the following images.

Freezing the droplets of the water as they fall

I am using my Olympus Pen F for this with my 45mm lens and a fast shutter speed of 1/1000s
Freezing movement with 1/1000s
This fast shutter speed freezes the water as it falls.

Blurring movement of the water

I have now changed my shutter speed to 1/8s and I must add that I am leaning against a pillar to steady me.  With a slow shutter speed, therefore, a long exposure, it is imperative to either use a tripod or lean on something solid to keep the camera steady.
Blurring movement with 1/8s
Now we have a similar image but the waterfall looks completely different.

Have a play with this.  You will get some amazing images.

Long exposure images on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone you can easily do a long exposure.
  • Take the image a little wider than you maybe want. 

  • Once taken, slide the image up to effects and click on long exposure. 

  • And hey presto a smooth running waterfall.  :)  Easy peasy. 

“Photography has no rules, it is not a sport. It is the result which counts, no matter how it is achieved.”
– Bill Brandt

A great quote!  Have a fab week.  Just go out and practice and be sure you do what you love and love what you do :)
Jan x