This is Our Life

Jan and Malcolm's life as we know it!

  • They say if you love what you do, it will never feel like work! Yep, we can vouch for that!  
  • A camera is always in our hand or by our side, except for moments like this in the picture above.  Very rare but I treasure these moments with all my heart!
  • The love for our sons and their kids knows no bounds!
  • We love working together.  Be prepared to have fun and laugh when on a photoshoot with us!  
  • Malcolm totally surprises me sometimes:
  • He proposed after 17 years of being together.  And just over 2 weeks later we got married at our favourite wedding venue Careys Manor Hotel in the New Forest.
  • Like the time he took me to what I can only describe as heaven on earth Le Manoir, a blissfully wonderful time in Madeira and again in Malta.
  • Malcolm has an incredible sense of humour and a great philosophy on life which keeps me grounded!  
  • We laugh a lot - well actually most of the time!
  • Oh and I cry too! With joy and sadness - One Born Every Minute always does it for me and processing slideshows :)
  • Gosh and we have many ideas, most of the time are overflowing and don't have enough hours in the day to put them all into practice!
  • When I haven't got a camera in my hand I usually have my iPad or iPhone, much to the annoyance of Malcolm, although he is getting as bad with his iPhone and now his iPad too!
  • We love photographing people but we also love food photography, travel photography, shops and cafes and bars😊
  • We believe in capturing moments and not poses.  Life as you live it.  
  • Although Malcolm has been known to use creative flash and will use it when and where relevant and to give an edge to some of his images.
  • All photo editing is done by me and when I have time I love to play, creating floral art with textures is a favourite of mine.
We get amazing feedback from clients and followers which means the world to us. We always set out to exceed expectations.

 'I love the gentleness in your work, it brings a smile to my face - beautiful photography'  these were words from another photographer which is praise in itself.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read about us, but as you will see from our blog and website, our photography is all about you.
A huge thank you to all our clients, old and new.  We look forward to working with you again and more too!
with very best wishes,
Jan and Malcolm