Learn to Take Photos of Your Kids

You soon forget the lovely smiles, giggles and fun you had with your children.

Grab your camera and get outside with your kids.

Some quick DSLR tips:  (Only have iPhone or iPad? Scroll down to bottom of page for a few tips)

Get to know your camera.  

If you're anything like me with a new toy you won't be able to wait to get going.

You'll be really mad with yourself if you take a bad picture all because you didn't read the manual on how to use your camera.😐

Turn off the flash and find some natural light

Use natural light wherever possible.  

Flash is such harsh lighting and I think should only be used when there is no other way.

You'll be better off turning up the ISO, which allows you to shoot in low light.  The image may be a little grainy but unless you are going to enlarge the image massively it won't show that much.

Also try a wider aperture which will give you a lovely dreamy background but ensure your focus point is where you want the image to be sharp.

  • inside try and find some window light
  • outside when the sun is shining brightly, try and find an open shady area or shoot into the sun for some gorgeous light
  • the best light ever for outdoor photos is half an hour before and after sunrise and sunset

Kids don't have to look at the camera

It's all about capturing that moment and doesn't necessarily mean your child has to look straight at you.

You can't beat candid moments.

Get down to your children's level

Bend your knees, and get lower so that you are at your kids' level.  Go on just do it and see the difference it makes.

Deleting in camera

Don't do it!  Apart from the chance of corrupting your card, sometimes what you see on the back of the camera is not what you see on the computer.  The image may well look good and can be deleted once uploaded if your fears were correct.

Quick tips for iPhone/iPad

  • If you have gridlines, turn them on for no more wonky horizons. Settings>photos>camera grid>on
  • When focusing your phone camera try holding your finger down for a couple of seconds for focus point.  This helps with sharper images
  • Exposure control.  Tap light part of image to darken your picture or a dark part to lighten your picture.  Oh and by the way if you edit your pictures, it is easier to correct a dark image than a light image.
  • And a little more help with exposure is the little sun.  When you hold your finger on the screen you should see a little sun if you run your finger up and down you can increase or decrease exposure.

Whether Camera, iPhone, or iPad - Back up, back up

Ensure you have sufficient back up devices.  External hard drives are a must have.  I use external hard drives but I also use Crashplan cloud storage on a just in case basis.  

There are many options of cloud storage, you will easy find the one that suits you.